Dark Valleys

In order to move his flock from one green pasture to another, a shepherd had to take a route through a dark valley or ravine. However, predators would lurk in those valleys and there was the risk of a dangerous misstep. Nonetheless, the Shepherd had his ‘rod’ to bludgeon any potential predator and he had his staff to ‘tap’ the pathway in front of him.

The Shepherd and his sheep went through the darkest valleys together.  Just like your dark valleys they were unavoidable. But gloomy light the sheep just kept following the sound of the ‘tap, tap, tap’ of the Shepherds staff. And they came through to the other side.

If you are in a gloomy dark valley don’t be afraid but listen to the sound of the Good Shepherd’s ‘tap, tap, tap’ through the encouragement of the Bible. You will come through to the other side.

Ps David Warwick
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