Happy 23rd Birthday Church

It’s our 23rd birthday. So, today is a good day to give thanks to the Lord for his faithfulness and blessings. Indeed, the past year has been a good year with many highlights.

But Church life is way more than a succession of highlights and breakthroughs.  And ‘Church’ is certainly much more than programs, services and buildings. ‘Church’ is about God and about people.  ‘Church’  is about the Christian community. Consequently, because of our devotion to Christ, we come together each week, to worship, even though we come from different backgrounds and experiences. Together we are Real Life Church.  And together with all the other Churches, we are the          ‘Body of Christ’.

So, while we celebrate the highlights of the past year we also must celebrate the privilege of knowing one another.

Our Church Birthday is a good time to give thanks to God for one another. Happy Birthday, Real Life Church!

Ps David Warwick
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