Palm Sunday 2021

Today is Palm Sunday.

2000 years ago, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and the people welcomed him by waving palm branches and laying their garments on the road for the donkey to walk upon.  They shouted praises to Jesus for all his miracles and they rejoiced at his arrival.

This sort of welcome was only reserved for triumphant Kings and Generals.  So, the religious establishment became uncomfortable and they demanded that Jesus stop the people praising him. But Jesus responded to them by saying: “If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out!” Indeed, the King of Kings had arrived and grateful people celebrate.

This Palm Sunday let’s celebrate the arrival of the King of Kings in our lives.  Let’s not be quiet and let’s not give a token murmur of thanks to Jesus. Rather, with great intentional enthusiasm lets lift our hearts and our hands and voices as we express our thanks and devotion to our Saviour.

Let’s celebrate!

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