Prayer & Fasting

If ever there was a time where we needed God’s help…it is today. It’s only March and already our Daily News has been filled with reports about fires, severe flooding, and a war that has the potential to escalate, as well the continuing Covid saga.

So, I am calling us to a 14-day period of fasting and earnest prayer.

This will begin next Sunday 20th March and conclude on Saturday 2nd April. We have so much to pray about…including our families and our personal needs. Therefore, let us make time, for just 14 days, to seek God more earnestly than we normally do.

While fasting food is a good thing, it should be done with wisdom and planning.  If you have a health condition or if you have a physically demanding job then maybe you could fast other things…TV, Social Media etc. Or perhaps you can engage in a partial fast.

Either way, I invite you to participate in some way…where you humble yourself before God and seek his favour. And may God answer your prayers.

Ps David Warwick
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