They will cast out demons in my name…

The Name of Jesus is Heaven’s Mighty Weapon that has been given to you. When a follower of Jesus Christ uses the Holy Name of Jesus against the work of the enemy…it is POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE.

So, when you pray…pray in the Name of JESUS. When you wander around your house…speak the Name of Jesus over your family. If you are feeling fearful, then whisper the Name of JESUS. If you are confronting evil…demand the evil to go…in the NAME of JESUS. If you feel unsettled…sing the Name of JESUS. When you are talking about your faith…talk about JESUS. Evil Spirit’s flee at the NAME of JESUS that is being spoken by a follower of JESUS CHRIST.

Have you got a STRONGHOLD that is resisting you? Then use God’s Mighty Weapon…’JESUS.’  

Ps David Warwick
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