Wait upon the Lord

This wonderful promise is good news for us as we daily navigate our way through this busy, hectic, uncertain and anxious world.    Indeed, while others are floundering to cope with life we can continue to remain strong. Instead of crumbling under the pressure of the ‘daily grind’ we can run to the LORD for our strength.

The word ‘wait’ (some texts use ‘hope’ or ‘trust’) is translated from a Hebrew word that suggests a ‘Binding of strands to become strong’ like a cord.  When we wait upon the LORD it means that we bind ourselves to him.  It’s like coming to GOD and having a hug!  Worship is a good way to bind yourself to the LORD…to HUG GOD.

So, if you are feeling weary then do yourself a favour and make time to Worship the LORD. You need a divine hug!  Then his Strength will become your strength.

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