Whom the Son sets Free is Free Indeed

Tomorrow is Anzac Day.  It is an important day for our nation as we remember those who have fought and sacrificed to keep Australia a free country. War is a terrible reality of life and we must be grateful to those who continue to protect our land from tyranny and oppression.

However, the most oppressive tyrants that ensnare the vast majority of humanity are not physical. Sin and Satan, cause much heartache, destruction and sorrow across all nations.  

The strange paradox of life is that we can be free from human tyrants and yet be captive to our own sin and demonic influence.  Counselling, medication and positive thinking…while having some merit…will not set a person free from sin and Satan. The only person who can set a person free from sin and Satan is…Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is willing and able to set you free from sin and Satan today. Call upon Jesus today and see what happens.

Ps David Warwick
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