If my people

We want you to know that each Sunday and Wednesday Service in September, we will give people the opportunity to come to know Jesus Christ. Each Service, we will have people sharing testimonies and the   Good News of Jesus will clearly be presented. In addition, 10 young people from YWAM will be joining with us for the month of September and they will be participating in our services...
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Spring is coming…It’s Harvest Time!

Spring is coming…It’s Harvest Time! This September we are focusing on the Good News of Jesus. In our services we will have lots of testimonies, some creative ministry, a visit from our Youth Camp Speaker and the good News will be proclaimed! We will give an opportunity for people to respond to Jesus in every service...
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Your life has many parts to it.  You could even say that your life is like a house made up of lots of rooms and areas. For example, you have your work part, leisure part, family part, character part, finance part etc. Together all these rooms make up your complex life.   And Jesus Christ knocks on the door of every part of your life...
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Preach the Good News

“God does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.”2 Pet 3:9. God does not want any person in the world to be destroyed. Rather he wants them to repent and receive eternal life…whoever and wherever they are. However, many millions of people in the world are not aware that God cares for them...
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Anzac Day

Today is an incredibly special day! Firstly, congratulations to all those being Baptized!  Baptism is much more than a church tradition.  Followers of Jesus Christ throughout all history and from every nation have been baptized. They have done this as a way of declaring that they belong to Jesus! Today is also ANZAC day where we remember those who fought for the freedoms that our country currently enjoys...
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